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At Distance Consulting we help our clients improve the performance of people, processes and the organization.  "Assistance at A Distance" is only a click away.  To discuss how we can help you improve performance in your organization, click here.     

This site is home to more than 200 articles, papers, book chapters, blog posts and columns dealing with various aspects of work, performance, organizations, problem solving, change and management.  To access them click on the Articles link above. 

This site is also home to The Knowledge Worker's Tool Room, a collection of one-page tools for use by knowledge workers (see the link at the top or the bottom of the page). Samples from the more than 40 tools currently in the Tool Room are shown in the thumbnail images above.  The one-page tools link to longer pieces if you want more information.


|  Articles  |  Blogs & Columns  |  Comments  |  Personal  |  Projects  |  Resume  |  Services  |  Tool Room  |  

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