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Workplace-Related Articles of General Interest

Not everything fits neatly into this or that category, even when it is workplace-related.  And so I created this "General Interest" section.  As the two pictures below might suggest, Frederick Winslow Taylor and Peter Drucker have both profoundly influenced my thinking about work and the workplace.  Here you will find articles I hesitate to label and stick in some other category.  All are work-related and all are worth reading.

Frederick Winslow Taylor Peter Ferdinand Drucker
F W Taylor Peter Drucker


Links in Red are to PDF Files

Ben Franklin's Decision-Making Job Aid

Bucking the System

The Du Pont ROI Model

Employee Categories

Feedback About Feedback 

Frederick Winslow Taylor: A Portrait

General Rules for Better Thinking: A Reprise of Chapter Six from The Art of Practical Thinking    .htm

Generalists and Specialists

Homer's Mentor: Duties Fulfilled or Misconstrued?      .htm

Mentor, Mentors and Mentoring     .htm

Seven Principles of Jewish Leadership

Technology and the Future of Education


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