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Musings, Short Stories & Sea Stories


From time to time I am moved to write about this, that or the other.  Sometimes it's work-related (e.g., the Felix the Frog fables) and sometimes it isn't (e.g., the RSVP Rating System).  For the most part I like to think that what I've written is worth reading.  I created this section on my web site as a place where I can put pieces I've written that don't fit neatly into other sections.  I recently published a book containing numerous "sea stories" based on my Navy days and a link to the book is posted immediately below.

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Sea Stories by "Nick"


 I hope you find something here of interest and value or perhaps something you simply enjoy.  Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading.  If you have any questions, you can use the Questions link at the bottom of this page to send them to me.


Links in Red are to PDF Files 


A Little Bird Told Me

Alice the Miracle Dog

And the Light Smiled

And Then There Were None

Felix the Flying Frog

Felix Resurrected

Felix and the Wolverine Syndrome

Felix, Felicia and Equal Pay for Women

On Eating Shit: An Essay about Life in Organizations

Random Acts of Responsibility

RSVP Rating System          .pdf

Think Inside the Box

Trimming the Fat


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