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Tools for Improving the Performance of People, Processes and Organizations

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Welcome to the Knowledge Workers' Tool Room

The images below are tools for knowledge workers.  They are frameworks for thinking about issues, concepts, ideas, problems and other matters encountered in the workplace. As with any tool, their values lies in the uses to which they are put and the skill with which they are used.  You can use them to analyze situations, solve problems, plan a course of action, decide what to do and simply develop a better understanding of the situation confronting you.  If you like, I can help you put them to use on matters of concern to you.

Tools CoverThese tools were developed over the course of more than 40 years of working as a consultant (internal and external) and as an executive.  I have used all of them in one way or another in the course of improving the performance of people, processes or organizations

As you can see from scanning the thumbnails below, the tools are primarily visual in nature.  Clicking on a thumbnail will reveal a larger image.  Clicking on the text below a thumbnail will take you to a description of that tool.  Almost all tool descriptions fit on one page.  They consist of the visual and a modest amount of text.  All one-page tools also contain links to longer pieces for those who want more information.  NOTE:  All one-page tools are in PDF format.

I add new tools from time to time and you will always find them at the bottom of the display.  The latest tool I add will always be the last one displayed.

Contact me to discuss how these tools can be put to use improving the performance of your people, processes or organization.  I am especially interested in helping you make use of the Solution Engineering Process and the Target (GAP-ACT) Model.  I am also available to make presentations, conduct workshops and provide consulting services.

:  My book, Tools for Knowledge Workers, Vol 1, is now available on Kindle.  It is a collection of 12 visual thinking tools along with information explaining each tool and how to use it, including examples and cases.  Chapter 1 presents each tool in a one-page format.  Chapters 2-13 discuss uses and applications of each tool.  You can access the book on Amazon by clicking on the image above.
Acceptance Cycle

Change Acceptance Cycle
Self Directed vs Other Directed Matrix

Self-Directed vs Other-Directed Matrix
Goals Grid

The Goals Grid
Urgent vs Important Matrix

Urgent vs Important Matrix
Solution Engineering Process

The Solution Engineering Process
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
Consulting Competency Circle

Consulting Competency Circle
Seven Elements

Seven Elements of Performance
Organizational Elements

Organizational Analysis Model
Action Motivation Matrix

Action-Motivation Matrix
Three Approaches

Three Problem-Solving Approaches
Effort to Results

Linking Individual Effort with Organizational Results
I and E Factors

P = f (I...E...)
Six Major Theories

Six Major Theories of Motivation
Organizational Renewal

An Organization's Rise, Fall and Renewal

The EL PASO Problem Solving Model
Bridging the Gap Graphic

Strategy: Definitions and Meaning
Three Kinds of Knowledge

Three Kinds of Knowledge
FF and Reinforcement

Integrating Force Field Analysis and Reinforcement Theory
Ben Franklin Job Aid

Ben Franklin Decision-Making Job Aid
Stakeholder Scorecard

Stakeholder Scorecard
Problem Solving Bases

The Problem Solving Bases
Strategy-Execution Matrix

Strategy-Execution Matrix
Performance Ecosystem

Performance Ecosystem
4D Followership Model

4D Followership Model
Sustainable Organization Model

The Sustainable Organization
Work and Work Control System

Work and Work Control System
Inside the Process Box

Inside the Process Box
Organization as Recurring Cycle of Events

The Infinite Loop Model of Organizations
Shift to Knowledge Work Table
The Shift to Knowledge Work

PCT 101: A Primer
Seven Secrets

Seven Secrets of Shared Success
Performance Domains

Performance In & of Organizations
Performance Puzzle

The Need for an Organizational GPS
Porters Five Forces

Michael Porter's Five Forces

OAR Cycle
The OAR Planning-Action Model
Power Pyramid
The Power Pyramid
Mix of Work

The Mix of Work
The Self Managed Employee
Energy Equations
The Energy Equations
Performance Sweet Spot

Performance Sweet Spot
OD Grid
OD Practitioner Grid

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