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What I Do

I'm in the business of making business better.  I help my clients solve the kinds of performance problems they encounter in their organizations and I help them identify and exploit performance improvement opportunities.

The solutions vary with the problem.  Sometimes the solution takes the form of a change to a process.  Sometimes it takes the form of a new system.  Sometimes it takes the form of job aids or other kinds of performance support.  Sometimes it takes the form of training.  Sometimes it takes the form of redefining and rethinking the problem itself.  And sometimes all my clients want me to do is look into the problem and get back to them.

Clients engage my services for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes the problem is seen as “too hot to handle," it poses bigger risks than they want to take on.  Sometimes it's a dirty little job that no one inside the organization wants to do.  Sometimes it’s because I’ve been referred to them by someone they know and trust.  Often it’s because they’ve worked with me before and they know what I can do.  And, sometimes, they find me via a search.  In all cases, I am hired to achieve a certain result, not to carry out a particular methodology.

My approach to solving problems is called “Solution Engineering.”  Its two phases are (1) Investigation or figuring out what to do and (2) Intervention or getting it done.  Two comments from clients are relevant here:

“You come more quickly to the heart of a matter than anyone I’ve ever seen” (CEO, Financial Services Company)

“You have a most unusual knack for getting people to go along with the program” (EVP, Operations and Finance)

So if you need to get quickly to the heart of a problem and then get people to buy in and support the solution, I’m happy to discuss how I can help engineer a solution to the problem.

Next Steps

Send me an email or, if you'd prefer to speak by telephone, call me at 7405040000.

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This page was last updated on December 5, 2014