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I help my clients address the issues confronting them as they pursue the results they're after.  Sometimes I act as a "sounding board."  My clients want to bounce ideas off me, run something past me, get my opinion about something they're contemplating or ask for my ideas.  From time to time, they ask, "What would you do if you were in my shoes?"  Sometimes I take the role of editor; I review, critique and comment on something they've written (e.g., a position paper, an internal document or a marketing message).  Sometimes I'm asked to write something for them.  And sometimes I point them to one of my articles or tools.

The issues confronting my clients vary.  Generally speaking, they fall into some basic categories:

The assistance I provide depends on the client's own abilities, needs and preferences.  

Most of what I do is done via email and phone conversations.  Occasionally I use Skype and GoToMeeting.

Currently, I'm working with a CEO who heads up a 50-year old family business.  She's focused on the organization's processes.  Another client, a CEO who runs a software start-up, is using me to help articulate key aspects of the discipline that underlies the system he is marketing.  A third client manages a consulting firm that specializes in healthcare-related matters and he draws on my background related to systems and human performance.  If you'd like to discuss how I might provide you with "Assistance at a Distance" send me an email.


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This page last updated on September 5, 2015