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Organization Development (OD) and Change Management

In addition to training me as a weapons systems or fire control technician (FT), a classroom instructor, a writer of programmed instructional materials and an instructional systems developer, the Navy also trained me as an internal OD consultant.  My OD training was quite extensive and done by the best in the field at the time.  I have written and published numerous papers related to OD and change management and you will find them here.  All are distinctly flavored by "the systems view."

My view of OD is that it should focus on helping management improve the sustainability of their organization.  This has two major elements: (1) "Fit" or how well the organization is aligned with and interacting with its envrionment in mutually beneficial ways and (2) "Fitness" or how well the organization does what it does, including changing what it does when necessary.  The model below is a model of sustainability.  For more see a piece I wrote for SmartDraw at this link: Fit and Fitness

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Sustainable Organization

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