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Welcome to my "Skullworks," a place where I present the products of my thinking and writing.  They indicate areas where I have proven expertise that can help my clients achieve the results they're after.

The links below take you to various categories of articles.  Clicking on a link brings up a list of articles in that category. You can then look through that category for something of interest or value to you.  You can also use the search box above to look for something in particular.

In addition to the many articles I have also published two books.  The most recent is a collection of sea stories, tales from my Navy days about leadership, authority, morale, change and more.  Clicking on the image below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase it.

IMPORTANT  NOTICE:  You are welcome to a single copy of anything on this web site for your personal use. However, none of the material on this site may be further distributed or posted elsewhere without my express and written permission.

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GAP-ACT Model (Control Theory)

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Sea Stories: Tales about Leadership, Morale and More


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This page last updated on April 27, 2016